Jacob’s Mobile Car Detailing

We are a premium locally owned family business that specialise in maintaining your car clean and shiny. We are comprehensively trained with full police clearance and independently experienced owned business.

Please feel free to discuss with us about our deals, as our prices are negotiable unlike other mobile car detailer’s. We also offer multiple vehicle discounts for more than one vehicle.

As a family operated business, we welcome customers who support us with regular packages which can be negotiated for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly packages.

Jacob’s Mobile Car Detailing offers a range of packages that best suits your budgets and your personal needs. Our services include interior and exterior detailing, carpet & upholstery shampoo extraction and disinfection, leather cleaning and conditioning, machine cutting & polishing and much more.

Call or text us anytime on 0452 104 023 OR book online .

We do cars, trucks, boats, caravans, motor bikes or light planes and can come to you 7 days a week.

What Is Car Detailing?

It is an art form to the crew of Jacobs Mobile Car Detailing. Car detailing is all about taking manual care of a car, inside and out, particularly in the way of sanitation and restoration. It means cleaning the car inside and out, making sure to cover any and every spot of it, while buffing out and restoring certain imperfections, like scratches on the paint job, or unsightly marks on the tire rims. We at Jacob’s Mobile Car Detailing believe that a clean car functions much more efficiently than any car with a stain under the hood, in the car, or on its exterior. As experts in the car detailing industry, we adhere strictly to high standards of keeping our client’s car clean. We don’t leave a single spot anywhere, whether it is on the windows, the dashboard, or even the doorjambs. Our tools for cleaning your car are only the best, and the same applies to those whom we hire to serve you as our car detailing crew. Our crew is a team of professional, enthusiastic and driven automobile care experts. Nothing unsanitary on a car can escape their gaze, or their cleaning tools.

Car sanitation and detailing is an art to them, and they will not accept anything less than perfection, as we know you would like as our valued clients. There are many cleaning services all over the country, and they are fine for cleaning your car. But when you need perfection, when you need your car to be sparkling as if it were brand new, Jacob’s Mobile Car Detailing is the crew to call. We are not experts in repair, so we cannot fix broken engines or missing doors. But as long as your car is in acceptable condition and in one piece when it makes it to our crew, we can fix it up to look as good as new. We can take out scratches and swirls on the paint job, and we can even do some lighter cosmetic editions to the car if our client so chooses.

When our crew is done with your car’s detailing, it will roll out of our hands looking as beautiful as it did when it was first driven out of the shop. In our hands are options to wash, wax, vacuum, and pressure rinse all the spots of your car, from both the exterior, to the interior. The eyes and hands of our expertly trained and experienced crew handle all of these tools with total precision and attention to detail. They won’t miss a single spot on your car, not inside or outside. After it leaves their hands, it will be the same artwork you bought fresh from the manufacturers. Be it a mud-stained body, scratched rims, swirled paint jobs, or a messy dashboard, our crew will sweep and vacuum in and out of the car, and they won’t leave any mess to speak of. They will only leave a fresh pine scent, and the artistically restored car of our client.

Why Hire a Professional?

Professional car detailing crews have existed as long as people have had to make their cars pretty. That is our company’s mission, our purpose in life. We live to serve the need of buffing our clients’ cars to perfection, to bring it back to its artistic mint condition. Professionals always do the job better, and there is no one better to buff you car back to its original glory than a crew of professionals. Professionals don’t miss details, and they don’t make mistakes when it comes to the detailing of your car. There are lots of reasons to consider when it comes to making sure that a professional crew is detailing your car.

Cars are big investments, costing a lot of money even if it’s a second-hand car. Some people who buy cars would like to put them up for resale, and a professional car detailing can kick the value of that resale up through the roof fairly, and even turn the one making the resale the profit needed to get a better car. There are some who won’t be keeping their car forever, so keeping it buffed and detailed by a professional can help get the worth of the car in money. This quality of resale is not something you can get from a simple run through the automatic washer, or even a careful car wash on the driveway. A professional must do this, and it will never be a thing you regret.

Also, professional car detailers have access to all the right tools and products to buff your car and protect it from the various elements that could cause it unnecessary damage. Corrosion and rust will never be a problem for your car if you can get it detailed by a professional once or twice every six months. Not only can the professionals take better care of your car because they have all the means to, it would be a lot cheaper to have them do it than attempt it yourself. Those particular tools and products cost thousands more in dollars than a couple trips to the detailers, not to mention the skills needed to actually use those products effectively. It would save a lot more money for any client to turn the detailing job over to a professional than attempt to do so alone. On top of saving you thousands of dollars in tools and products, it can also save you thousands of dollars more on basic and regular cosmetic repairs. If you run the car over to an unprofessional detailing crew, they might get the job done, but they can always miss something, which will cost you time and money to fix, especially if it is a regular thing. These investments seem small, but they are regular, and add up to a lot more money and time than one or two visits to a professional car detailing crew. For your car’s and your wallet’s sake, don’t bother with anything less than the professionals of car detailing.

Why Choose Us?

Jacob’s Mobile Car Detailing is a company of great renown across Australia as a team of professionals when it comes to car detailing. Our professional crew does not make mistakes. We do not miss a single spot when we are detailing your car and making it look as smooth and shiny as the day it first rolled out of the shop with you in it. Choosing our company to service your car is an experience for both the client and the car they are enlisting our crew for. Not only do we provide affordable fees for our high quality services, we also are a lot more accessible than several of our competitors. We have branches all over Australia, particularly in the area of Perth.

Some other companies may have cheaper prices than ours, but there is always a chance that their crews can miss something in the detailing, and cost you extra in cosmetic repairs, several times the more details their crew misses. With us, we provide the company guarantee that our crew does not make such mistakes, and we have the customer satisfaction, and branches across the nation to prove it. It might cost $45, for example, to get a car-detailing package from another company, but they could miss something, and that would cost you another $60 to repair that mistake, and another day with your car in the shop instead of you being able to drive it around, as it should. Ours is a one-time investment, and an experience provided to you and your car by our esteemed crew of car detailing professionals. Choosing us is to be kinder to your car, your clock, and most especially, your wallet.

Our team of professionals is not only affordable to hire for your car detailing needs, they are also excellent at providing the high level of service that we believe every client deserves. Our crew members have eyes like eagles, and can spot the smallest imperfection they need to buff out of your car. It could be a problem with the doorjamb, or a watermark on the dashboard and windows. Such details do not escape the attention of our crew, or their high-powered, well-maintained tools for cleaning it up. Our crew also have hands like magicians; they use them and your car’s imperfections disappear. Our crew has the best wax, at least a dozen high-powered pressure washers, well-maintained vacuums, and a whole other host of tools for them to execute their professional mission of serving your car detailing needs. It is our company promise that no stain, watermark or scratch will evade the righteous fury of our crew and their cleaning tools. We guarantee that your car will leave our hands as if it were brand new, and with a fresh pine scent in the interior to boot. So don’t wait, and don’t bother with other car detailing companies! Jacob’s Mobile Car Detailing is the best in the business.

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